Founded by a graphic designer/artist and a early-childhood educator with a degree in art history, Milalu is the realization of our dream to create products that evoke classic style reinterpreted for the modern everyday. The birth of our children, Emilia and Luca, inspired discussions about design ideas for children's apparel.

We simply combined their names, and Milalu was born.

Milalu was established with the idea that style is born from a love of the past, knowledge of the present and an eye on the future. Our design philosophy stems from a respect for the eclectic nature of American life. We strive to create designs that are modern, bold and vivid, but with a soft and whimsical feel.

In the first collection, we bring our aesthetic vision to two American classics: the cotton t-shirt, the quintessential modern wardrobe staple, and the apron, which has been re-embraced by many as a beautiful, retro-inspired accessory.

Our second collection arrives after the birth of two more children, another girl for our graphic
designer and another boy for our early childhood educator. We’ve branched out into dresses, which
continue to combine our love of bold, vivid patterns with simple, vintage-inspired designs. We have
also added two new t-shirt designs, one is part of our popular reflective learning series and the other, a
shout out to all of the little ones who rock our worlds!